Tutrakan - Silistra

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Departure a little early this morning.
As often I am first of all a fairly rolling road. But quickly we have to turn towards the Danube. A car slows down at my level and tries to dissuade me.... He waves me with his hand... I don’t know if it means it’s hilly or that the path is bumpy... In fact it will be both !!

At first a beautiful road but after a while it becomes difficult. From the stone path, to the ground full of ruts (dry but still) we are on the not pleasant track. We reach a more stable road and until Popina where I have lunch it’s OK.
But after one kilometre the Eurovélo road gets lost in a field... I almost fall, the chain jumps and I turn around to find a road that meets the Silistra road... It seems that it made me travel about ten kilometers too far....
I arrive at 3:30 pm in Silistra in a rather heavy atmosphere...

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