Saint-Hilaire de Riez - Noirmoutier

8 juillet 2020, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 57

It was a seagull party all night. I think they weren’t silent anytime. I thought these birds sleep at night... Well, it was the full moon. I was told that maybe they spotted a bank of fish...

When I leave, I don’t join the Velodyssey right away because I want to go back to the village of Sion where I ate last night and where I liked the conservation of certain elements from the beginning of the 20th century...

Direction Noirmoutier, the campsite of La Clere, because the two municipal campsites passed under the management of a "service provider" who applies a minimum fee of 21.50€ even for a single cyclist. In fact surprise when you arrive it’s 20€... Barely cheaper...

So this campsite looks interesting, very small, but in the heart of nature. In principle quiet but now all the young people are riding their bikes with their blue-tooth speakers and it seems that they passed by several times last night, which makes my new neighbours grumble.

I stop here for a day before heading back to Pornic via the passage of Goix.

  • Hôtel à Sion
  • Hôtel à Sion
  • Pas de boutique en bord de mer
  • Un vieil hôtel (moderne derrière avec vue sur la mer)
  • Café de la plage
  • Café de la plage
  • Une vieille boutique
  • Saint-Jean de Monts
  • La piste dans la forêt
  • Arrivée sur le pont de Noirmoutier
  • Vue du pont
  • Vue du pont
  • Un habitant du marais
  • A gauche le marais, à droite la Digue et la mer
  • Ce héron ne voulait pas être pris en photo
  • Marais salant
  • Noirmoutier en ile
  • Noirmoutier en ile
  • Le camping

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