Piriac - Vannes

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


When I had set up the tent there was not too much wind and I had set up the tent softly. At the beginning of the night the wind got stronger : should I stretch it out again and add sardines ? I downloaded the windy app that my brother had recommended and read that there was currently a wind of 18 knots (about 32km/h) and that it would decrease afterwards... So everything was fine.

On the way not too much wind in my direction (or was I sheltered ?), in the afternoon I had a little more wind but likewise I had to pass through the shelter of trees quite often.

Beautiful bike paths, and at one point I almost continued to follow it and not my route... but I had the impression that it was less clear a little further... maybe a passage for mountain bikes ? I wisely followed the track I had set the day before...

Arrived at the Vannes campsite quite early in the afternoon. It leaves time to do things, but Vannes is a few kilometers away anyway...

  • Départ de Piriac sur Mer
  • Départ de Piriac sur Mer
  • Une belle piste cyclable
  • Barrage sur la Vilaine
  • Les bateaux dans l’écluse
  • Le pilote à la manoeuvre
  • Les bateaux se rangent
  • L’écluse s’ouvre
  • Et maintenant le pont
  • Le pont
  • Le pont
  • La voie est libre
  • GO !
  • Le premier bateau à passer
  • Maison bleue
  • Le tri des échalottes
  • échalottes
  • Encore une belle piste cyclable
  • En face du camping
  • Vannes
  • Vannes
  • Vannes

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