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Cabanas de Burgatiños - Fisterra

Cabanas de Burgatiños - Fisterra

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


The weather is rotten this morning, I’m in no hurry to leave. But I have to go : I leave under a real rain this time. I decide to stay on the main road and not to take the secondary roads that the route will offer me as I can’t see anything anyway...
Headwind and rain, it lasts for 40km and I find a café open and stop there. It’s national day in Galicia so not much is open, but that’s also why the national road doesn’t have much traffic.
I order a coffee and a sandwich and panic : just when I want to look at my phone it doesn’t light up anymore. It’s got water in the Kway’s pocket, which doesn’t seem to be as well designed as the old Kway’s... I try to put it under the hand dryer to get rid of the moisture, but nothing seems to work. I start to imagine the worst : how can I make such a trip without a phone ? I tell myself that at worst I’ll find a shop in Santiago de Compostela tomorrow. Then all of a sudden it starts up again. I enter the pin codes... it seems to work then restarts by itself... the on/off button doesn’t seem to work anymore... We’ll see later, but I’m already reassured.
I’m going to leave the café. It can’t rain anymore, the lady at the café tells me it’s over... Well, it starts again as we approach Fisterra. The phone will have had fun restarting by itself several times. I leave it in my pocket ^^
Arrived at the hotel, after having brought my bike in I can’t find my phone anymore, it’s still a mess ! Well it had simply fallen while I was fighting with the panniers and the door. Fortunately it is well protected otherwise my screen would have broken.
In the room there is a hair dryer, I put my phone in it, give it a little charge to wake it up and it works perfectly normally ! A lot of emotions in this day...
The weather is better at the end of the afternoon and I go to Capo Finisterra. The end of the world, the real one !

  • Arrivée dans le Finisterre
  • Faro del Finisterre
  • On ne voit pas l’amérique ^^
  • Finisterre
  • Finisterre, un hôtel 230€ la chambre !
  • Finisterra
  • Finisterra
  • Finisterra
  • Un peu de chauffage !
  • Finisterra

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