Aglientu - Santa Teresa Gallura

4 juin, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 32

I was going to have an extremely short stage, so no hurry, I’m leaving late. But not too late because rain is forecast.
I set off in the rising fog.
I passed a very small country road and was amazed at the number of cars on it. I understand why when I get stuck after an hour on the road. In fact, it’s the twentieth Sardinian car rally.
I tried to negotiate my way through, but was turned down. Eventually I saw that a few kilometres further on there was a road leading off to the side that joined the main road along the coast. I head for it full of enthusiasm and soon catch my first shower of the day !
Worry at the crossroads because signs that don’t make sense to me seem to indicate rally activity there... And indeed I’m stuck again. A Spaniard who’s part of one of the security teams advises me to stay there and wait it out, otherwise I’m in for a long ride... I listened to him and that’s how I found myself stuck watching cars kicking up mud in the bend for at least an hour and a half...
Then everyone left and my bike was allowed through, even though not all the spectators had left yet...
It’s pouring like hell and I’m riding along a road where the cars have washed away the mud...
Eventually I reach the main road, and seeing the large contingent deployed I realise that even if I’d taken that road I’d have been stuck...
Finally I arrived at the hotel, dripping all over. 5 hours to cover thirty kilometres, not bad, eh ?

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