Vranje - Prishtina, Kosovo

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Yesterday, looking at my journey, I wondered - as I always do - if there could be a problem at the border. And while I thought it was quiet (the travel advice site of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs only mentions the 4 Serbian cities in the northwest of Pristina where you have to be careful) I discover that the border post where I will pass was attacked with machine guns by Albanian separatists 7 years ago !!
In fact I pass through a valley where the population is Albanian and which once depended on the Kosovar city of Gjilane.
Besides for me the war had been only in Kosovo but on the road before the border I stop next to a grid field of yellow plastic tape and after a while I realize that it says "Pozor Mine" on it... "Attention Mine" !!!
Apart from this difficult field to imagine that there was war here. At the border as everywhere I have crossed, the checkpoints of the two nations follow each other under the same construction and the offices are in the same Algeco.

I arrive in Gjilane where, apart from the number of mosques, it is difficult to imagine that it is an Islamist country : a couple kisses in the street, the girls are short dressed and their shoulders bare... What strikes Gjilane especially is the omnipresence of the car that saturates in the streets too small for traffic...

All along the construction road. Buildings, roads, shops. Like Prishtina, a mushroom town. I have an appointment with my hosts in front of the Royal Mall, a kind of luxury shopping mall...

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