Vannes to Lorient

17 juillet 2020, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 78

After a chilly night, I left this morning after coffee with my neighbors.

First we reach Vannes with sometimes beautiful cycle tracks and then a large departmental road with a small cycle lane on the side. Quite quickly my route makes me leave this road to join small very quiet country roads. Then very often we are either on little frequented roads or along big roads with a beautiful cycle track.

Around noon I leave the track a little to eat at Landévant.

I arrive at the beginning of the afternoon in Lannester where I was supposed to camp. Not seeing any indication I ask a man who was trimming hedges. "There used to be a campsite, now there’s a bowling alley and a cycle path runs through there." The man advises me to go to Larmor Plages after Lorient.
I go to the Tourist Office of Larmor Plages where they explain to me that there is only one campsite left (there were two before). They do take tents but on the internet we only see the possibility to book for a week ! I go there and it’s OK for one night. There are not many people in the campsite...

Tonight I visit Lorient.

  • Une balise en rond point
  • Une balise en rond point
  • Baden
  • Les vaches regardent passer les vélos
  • Le port de Bono
  • Sur la rivière Bono
  • Le pont de Bono
  • Le pont de Bono
  • De belles pistes cyclables le long de la route
  • Aulray
  • Aulray
  • Landévant où j’ai mangé
  • Nostang
  • Un très joli pont qui n’a plus que les piles
  • La base sous-marine
  • La base sous-marine
  • La baie de Lorient

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