Two days ride to the Montagne Noire, again near the Lampy (this time very close) then descent via Saissac, Montolieu, slight ascent to reach Alzonne, then final arrival in Bram where I took the train back.

The goal was multiple :
 test the bike in trail configuration with tent, mattress, all camping equipment, change for several days ...
 to see a friend of Revel whom I had not had the opportunity to see for several months !

First Day, Toulouse-Revel

Until the Seuil de Naurouze, no problem nice bike path and essentially flat, however you feel the extra pounds on the luggage rack !
From the lock of the Ocean we are in the Aude and no maintenance of the bike path. No maintenance either of the path that follows the Rigole to go to Revel. You have to pay attention to the roots without all along.
Finally about fifteen kilometers from Revel, from Lake Enclass beautiful bike path, wide and well maintained, we can move forward again !

Very nice evening with a good meal at the restaurant in Revel.

Second Day, Revel-Bram

Once again climb to Arfons which climbs steeply : 550m over 10km, then descent almost all the time. We climb again a bit a little towards Alzonne. Then a bit on the Canal du Midi before joining the Bram station.

Return by train with a ticket to 1 Euro [1] !! But places for cycles are expensive ! There is only room for three bicycles ... Fortunately a cyclist goes down to the next station in Castelnaudary ...

  • Le vélo chargé en mode rando
  • La rigole

[1no need for senior card ^^

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