Sete - Grau du Roi

Initially I did not want to stop at Grau du Roi. But the winds announced at 65 km / h dissuaded me from taking too long a step.

Well took me because my left pedal let me down and just before it completely loose, at the end of my journey I came across a repairer who could fix it within the hour !

Despite the wind very pleasant course. I take a bit of the Canal du Rhône in Sète and then I fork to try to be between the ponds and the sea.

In fact the part below was forbidden to any vehicle, including bikes ... I passed anyway and there were still some other bikes.

But mainly it is the fishermen who have access to this Canal

Maguelone Cathedral, seen from towpath

And fishermen’s huts

A footbridge (for tourists going to Maguelone on foot or by bike ?) Which pivots to let the fishing boats go.

Maguelone Cathedral

Arrived at La Grande Motte I have to change my itinerary a bit.

Flamingos were hiding behind the edge of the channel ... photo a little missed.
There were other photos that I would have liked to make of Gray Heron or other waders that were a bit far to be taken. And then it would be convenient to have a camera in addition to the smartphone that is fixed on the handlebars. Investment to plan !

Palavas les flots

Arrived at the campsite of Espiguette. The Kytes are at the party but the water park is deserted

The wind is strong, but should calm down in the evening ...

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