Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Orthez - Toulouse

26 juin 2022, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 64

I was expecting a rainy road all the way and finally I stay dry until Saint Palais where I stop to eat a sandwich. I can even eat it on the Place du Foirail outside... but the temperature starts to cool down.
I take a coffee and at the exit it will rain until Sauveterre de Bearn. Then it alternates between rain and dry weather. The route between Sauveterre de Bearn and Orthez is quite hilly.
I chose a train in the afternoon which leaves me a lot of margin for manoeuvre. There was a train at the beginning of the afternoon and it is clear that I would not have had it. A few kilometers from Orthez I calculate in my head how I could have had it : start a little earlier, press a little more on the pedals... in any case be a little more fit ! But my left pedal starts to malfunction... To end up falling a few meters further on ! Last problem of the trip ! I stop to pick up the pieces, a lady in her garden asks me if I’m ok. I say yes but that I have a problem... She offers to take me to the station. At first I say no, then I see that I’ll have a bit more trouble than I thought to put the pedal back up... She takes me to the station !
In Toulouse I still have a few kilometres to go, I put my bike shoes back on but it’s quite weird to pedal on one side only... I finally arrive at home. End of this nice 3400km journey 🙂

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