Ruse - Tutrakan

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


This morning for the first time since the beginning I didn’t check the weather before leaving ! Confidence that good weather has settled in 😎

Departure from Ruse a little late, 9:30 am when I had been ready for a while. I had to wait half an hour for my breakfast to be served. I think I have the impression that I’m embarrassing... At one point I almost even left without taking it... I had to insist on a coffee, I had asked for big I had small... pfff... I dropped out.

In the centre of Ruse we are on a shaded cycle path. As soon as I leave it, the heat is already starting to make itself felt. And there for several kilometers the Eurovélo follows a very rolling highway... Then finally we turn left towards the Danube.

I will stop in a small village for an orange juice and coffee (machine !). Good in fact orange juice is a gaseous thing with an orange taste ^^ but it refreshes. I sip in a small public garden.

I arrive in Tutrakan early, around 2pm. A small town perched on a hill with a very nice park there too.

  • Départ de Ruse
  • Le parc où j’ai bu le café
  • La route
  • Euh… j’ai raté le bon chemin
  • Je quitte la partie marécageuse
  • Les blés sont presque mûrs
  • On se croirait en Provence !
  • A la demande générale
  • Danube, Tutrakan
  • Danube, Tutrakan
  • Danube, Tutrakan
  • Danube, Tutrakan
  • Danube, Tutrakan
  • Le parc, centre du village

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