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Retour de Dromen

Retour de Dromen

Departure early Monday morning to release the cottage. I afollow the advice of the owner and change my route to go through Vaunavey la Rochette and the path of Crest to reach this city.

Nice way, weather is quite good at first.

The medieval gate of Vaunaveys la Rochette, just before taking the road to Crest.


Oh, I have to go through there ... but it’s a staircase.
I have to walk !

At the turning of a wall, the stairs become vertiginous !

Rain and mistral this morning. The weather has become warmer again, even if it is not very hot.

This is the correct name fot this path

In the train no problem to put the bikes. At montelimar two bikes only on 4 locations.
In Avignon 3 of the 6. But in Nîmes big arrival (exit of the offices and last train) I counted 9 ! And two others take the train at the next station ... The controller just makes sure everything goes well ... A priori nobody stays aside.

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