Pontevedra - Valença

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


I wake up very late in this really quiet hotel. Not that there are no people in the café downstairs, but the doors are closed.
So I leave a bit late, a bit afraid of the thunderstorms expected in the late afternoon. The sky will remain overcast, I might even catch a drop or two on the way, but no, no storm.
There are three successive bumps at about two hundred metres. I had spotted that the third one had a very steep section but it comes faster than I expect and my meter soon reads 16%. I end up putting my foot down and when I walk the meter even ends up showing 18%, before stopping because I’m not moving fast enough ^^

Once these few meters are over, the ride continues in a rather pleasant way.
I still pass hundreds of pilgrims on the road.

I take a break in a café in O Porriño, then finally arrive a little before 4pm.

  • premières oranges vues dans un jardin
  • Sur la route
  • Pont romain à Ponte Sampaio
  • Pont romain à Ponte Sampaio
  • Pont romain à Ponte Sampaio
  • Pont romain à Ponte Sampaio
  • Ponte Sampaio
  • A proximité de O Porriño
  • A proximité de O Porriño
  • Bridge on river Minho
  • Valença
  • Fleuve Minho
  • Ciao España

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