Photos and dongle GPS

Photos and GPS trackings keeping autonomy

Take pictures and keep the tracking while keeping a maximum autonomy.
The phone can do anything but you have to stop the navigation and for the tracking the consumption is important so that often it is necessary to limit the use of such to navigation only when it is necessary.

So I acquired the following material :
 * Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX90V camera, with a wide angle at 24 and a zoom of 720 ! This camera should be able to do about 400 photos without reloading. It is equipped with GPS, but not using the built-in GPS should allow to preserve the autonomy.
 * GT-740FL Sport LogBook GPS Dongle (low power consumption)
 * Canway software to export the GPX track
 * software Geosetter

Park Garonne Ginestous/Sequières

A first walk in the park Garonne Ginestous / Sequières. The settings :
 * camera with GPS enabled
 * GPS Dongle

Not having served for three weeks the dongle took about a km before activating

You don’t imagine... but we have no visibility passing under this little bridge !

Apparently this is not the place to go ^^

Another test drive

  • Camera with GPS NOT activated
  • Dongle GPS (This time it takes the position almost immediately)

Coming back I will struggle to understand why all my photos were affected by the same geo-location ... It was necessary to find the right time difference. And nothing told me it was not good : whether in Canway or Geosetter the hours were right. BUT, the GPX export -as a standard- is done with GMT time !! CQFD ... Once the offset has been applied, the photos are well arranged ...

Piste cyclable... Vous avez dit piste cyclable ??

The final result is the same : the photos are geolocated, they appear on the map. The GPS dongle allows to have its exact track and not the one that was projected. The second solution also saves the battery of the camera.

Use the zoom ... without shaking ^^

It’s great to have a mega zoom, but not so easy to take pictures with the biggest zoom in. The slightest tremor and it’s blurry.

The birds in the middle of the Garonne. With the naked eye they are distinguished ... but not so many details !

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