Nantes - Piriac sur Mer

14 juillet 2020, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 22

Below are some pictures of Nantes taken this weekend. I took a lot of pictures while walking along the Erdre river on Sunday afternoon... but an "artistic" option was triggered on my camera and of course I didn’t realize it : as a result all the pictures look like impressionist paintings... I left some of them below.

Today I had to go by train with a stop in Savenay to eat with my colleague Rosine. As there was not much time Rosine came to pick me up at the station and took me to her home. We spent two too short and very nice hours discussing a lot of things with Rosine and her companion Olivier (and also their daughter Laura).

Then I took the train back to La Baule and I had about 15 km left through the Guérande salt marshes to La Turballe where I spotted a cheap campsite. When I arrived at the campsite I call the mobile number "in case of absence" and I learn that the campsite is closed for good ... I reach a campsite a little further away, the reception is closed but there is a sign explaining that following the COVID the toilets are closed, so it’s possible to help out one night but without a shower (uh... no).... The third campsite does not accept tents. The tourist office of Piriac-sur-Mer tells me the three campsites in Piriac that accept tents, I go to the smallest one. It’s the cheapest I’ve done since the beginning and it’s very good !
Luckily I had taken a bit of time to look for the campsite... But by the time I arrived it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

  • Chantiers navals de l’ile
  • Hall de la Machine
  • L’île
  • La Machine
  • Je suis arrivé de ce côté de Nantes
  • La Loire
  • Navibus
  • Navibus
  • Le potager de la Cantine du Voyage
  • La Cantine du voyage
  • Un tour en éléphant ?
  • architecture basée sur les anciens bâtiments
  • Nantes
  • Erdre en peinture
  • Bord de l’Erdre comme en peinture
  • Chantiers Dubigeon
  • Ceci est un tuyau
  • L’explication du tube végétal
  • Jardin des plantes
  • Rare : une gare adaptée aux vélos
  • Compartiments dédiés vélos
  • Emplacements plus habituels
  • Laura tire la barbe
  • Rosine, Olivier, leur fille Laura et moi
  • A la gare avec Rosine
  • Depart de la piste à La Baule
  • Marais salants de Guerande
  • Marais salants de Guerande
  • Marais salants de Guerande
  • La Turballe
  • La Turballe

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