Moutier Rozeille - Peyrelevade

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


After a long evening discussing everything with my hosts Magaly and Hugues, not having a good internet connection (I had forgotten to ask for the wifi code and my 4G was poor) didn’t bother me for long and I quickly fell into a restful sleep.
The next morning my hosts are already up. We have breakfast and start discussing everything again. In the end I only leave at 10 am.
The rain has returned. It rained all morning. I arrive in Rovère de Vassivière at 1.30 pm and I eat at the Atelier, a rather large restaurant run by young people. A welcome break and after the coffee I can finally ride in the dry.
After having lengthened the road yesterday, I shorten it today because at one point instead of following the contours of the lake I turn directly onto Faux la Montagne.
I arrive at the gîte a little before 5pm but the hosts are not there. No problem, I can wait as the weather is nice and dry.

The village of Peyrelevade is transformed into a museum and drawings or quotations of philosophers are posted on the walls of the houses.

  • Felletin
  • Felletin
  • Felletin
  • arbres
  • Veloroute 87 et Tour de Creuse
  • Lac de la Vaud Gelade
  • Lac de la Vaud Gelade
  • Lac de la Vaud Gelade
  • Faux la Montagne
  • Faux la Montagne
  • Lac de Faux
  • Eau
  • Lac de Chammet
  • Peyrelevade décoré
  • Peyrelevade decorated

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