Miranda de Ebro - San Román de San Millan

23 juin 2022, kilomètres aujourd’hui : 72

The weather is uncertain this morning, but soon turns nice.
I climbed to the Zaldiaran pass at 780m and then descended quietly to Vitoria-Gastiez where I had my coffee. Then I go to Augurain/Salvatierra where I decide to eat. I am shown a restaurant, a menu del dia where I don’t understand all the choices... so I have some surprises ! Since the time I see cheese pies for dessert, I take one and it’s delicious !
A few more kilometres to reach what seemed to me to be an isolated village with an untraceable name (part of the problem comes from the Basque or Castilian names, there are not always both)
When I arrive at the hotel, there are trucks everywhere, it’s a big hotel, with a petrol station and a restaurant and it’s running at full speed !

  • Depart de Miranda de Ebro
  • Paysage
  • Busto de Treviño
  • A la demande générale
  • A la demande générale
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Vitoria-Gasteiz
  • Euskadi
  • Sur la route
  • Agurain/Salvatierra
  • Agurain/Salvatierra
  • Vue sur la montagne... et les camions

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