Lyon, soon to leave

Departure from Toulouse on Thursday morning.
Bad weather forecast for the coming week....

A stop in Sète where we eat excellent marinated and grilled cuttlefish à la plancha. Outside the restaurant where we entered just in time without having booked it is a storm.

Departure to Lyon always by TER to get a place for the bike. I was worried about trains between Avignon, Montelimar and Lyon to know if I could ride the bike.

Avignon - Montelimar : there are two of us with bicycles, no bike space as such but the handicapped space on which we can stack the bicycles.
It’s so hard for them that few disabled people take the train.

Montelimar-Lyon : there I saw that there was a place for bicycles. The train is 15 minutes late "due to an exceptional number of people". The train enters the station, I see the bike logo on a compartment as it passes in front of me. I’m in the wrong place, it’s at the other end of the platform and I have to get through the queues of people who want to get on...

Les vélos à la place handicapée

I finally pass by and I arrive as they get off the train a young girl in a wheelchair. There are a few bicycles off the train to allow her to pass. The controller says, "Bicycles are over now !" Everyone laughs, but there are bicycles everywhere, even in the toilets. I am asked to remove the bags and my bike takes its place with others.

les vélos empilés dans le TER

Then I was told that at about the same time the bicycles could not get on the train to Sète

vélos, déchargement rechargement aux arrêts
vélos, déchargement rechargement aux arrêts (suite)

Lyon a little bit of bike tourism

Not bad for bicycles in this city, at least in first impression : wide lanes reserved for bicycles, the bank of the left bank of the Rhône river as a green way. Well from time to time some of them end in dead ends and in the narrow streets of the Croix-Rousse some motorists pretend not to see you and squeeze you against the parked cars... But on the whole rather welcoming for the incoming tourist...

Surprising the Croix-Rousse tunnel : there are in fact two tunnels that have been dug at the same time : one for cars and the other with a bus lane and a cycle path. It is thus possible to cross Lyon between the Rhône and the Saône at this point with no difference in altitude !

l’entrée du tunnel de Croix-Rousse
dans le tunnel
Trompe l’oeil sur un mur, à la Croix-Rousse la Croix-Rousse comme si vous y étiez

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