La Tremblade - Rochefort

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Go through the Grève, the hotel manager tells me. Yes, it’s prettier... but I don’t really see a clear road... I don’t have a pedal boat ! So I go through the oyster-farming area but I finally reach my initial route quite quickly.

From Marennes, the track curves in the marshes. A pretty landscape and occupied only by a few fishermen, and an image hunter equipped with an ultra-powerful zoom.

At the exit of the marsh is a disused railway line that has been transformed into a bike path. It is along the canal from the Charente to the Seudre.
Before arriving in Thonnay Charente I stuck to my route but I didn’t miss much of the Vélodyssée.

Rochefort quiet town... nice enough for a short visit. The arsenal, the Corderie and the navy museum are probably to be done... but that will be another time. I’m just going around the activities.

  • Un bateau sur la grève
  • La Tremblade depuis le pont
  • Vélodissey
  • Chevaux dans les marais
  • Maison dans le marais
  • Panoramique
  • Maison à l’entrée du marais
  • Canal de la Charente à la Seudre
  • Canal de la Charente à la Seudre
  • Gare de Saint-Agnan
  • La piste
  • A tunnel of green
  • Thonnay sur Charente
  • Thonnay sur Charente
  • Thonnay sur Charente
  • Encore une cabane de pêcheurs
  • Port de Commerce, Rochefort
  • Port de plaisance Rochefort
  • Gare de Rochefort
  • L’Hermione
  • Accro’Mat
  • Accro’Mat
  • Accro’Mat
  • Bassin de Radoub historique
  • Bassin de Radoub
  • La Corderie
  • La Corderie
  • Rochefort, place Colbert
  • Rochefort, place Colbert

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