Dragoman - Yarlovtsi

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Greyish day where I spent a moment driving in the rain.

I’m very happy to have only a short stage because driving in the rain is not pleasant and then it goes up a little bit anyway, I have to get used to it again !

My route is in Bulgaria but runs along the Serbian border. At a crossroads I see police officers. I stop to check the path and I have to turn left. The two Serbian border police officers take this opportunity to control me ^^

I have lunch in Tran and then I arrive in Yarlovtsi.... Of course the hotel’s GPS coordinates are not good.... But it’s not a big deal : I’m going to the centre and the hotel is there.

Yarlovtsi has a cute lake, but it is a mixture of very beautiful houses and ruined houses. As if a mutation was in progress. It seems that there is no one left to maintain the monument overlooking the central square.

No wifi in the hotel, which is becoming rare nowadays ! And in addition it is in a hole where 4G does not pass and very little network.... So this article is published from Vranje :)

  • Départ de Dragoman, ciel menaçant
  • La route au départ de Dragoman
  • Paysage
  • La route presque en haut
  • Laquelle chosir ?
  • Une ferme dans Yarlovtsi
  • Le lac
  • Le lac
  • Un monument à l’abandon
  • Un monument à l’abandon

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