Donostia - Ondarroa

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


The rain had the good idea to fall during the night and to stop before the start ! So the ride was more pleasant than I feared at the beginning.
Also the slope announced at the flyover by Komoot was less important than expected : it was necessary to go up on the mountain to have a rather calm road and a beautiful sight and it was less difficult than expected. Besides, I will stay on the ridge beyond my track, having missed a junction, and it’s so much the better, the road is very pleasant there.
Surprisingly, between Zarautz and Getaria there is a very well laid out footpath that I think can be shared with bikes... But no, bikes are not allowed. I found other very nice paths along the coastal towns they were all shared by pedestrians and bikes ^^
Arrived at Beda, the bridge I have to take is under construction, but a worker allows me to pass (only once !) which saves me a few kilometres of detours 🙂
I eat in Mutriku, at Spanish time ! First of all I go down to the harbour to the café that you can see on the picture... but they don’t make food. I have to go up the steep and cobbled streets... but the waitress tells me that there is a lift... I take it and I end up on a nice square.
Then after a little rest in the hotel I walk in Ondarroa which is very pleasant at the aperitif time and with sun rays.

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  • Getaria
  • Getaria
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  • Mutriku
  • Mutriku
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