Clermont Ferrand - Moutier Rozeille

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Departure at 8.30 am. I could have left earlier but I am still fascinated by the ceremony taking place at the 92 Infantry Regiment that my hotel overlooks. Maybe it’s a ceremony to welcome soldiers coming back from mission... whatever, I still have to take the road.
As expected the hardest part is at the beginning, I have to get out of the Clermont Ferrand basin. It takes me almost two hours to ride the first 15 kilometres. The speedometer shows 8% and sometimes 9...

La courbe de niveau du tracé

I have a well-deserved coffee in Pongibaud.
Then my road curves around the motorway which I would cut three times.

I change my route three times :

  • The first time it seems to me that the track follows a path... I head towards the departmental roads
  • Then I have to take a path which seems promising (see photos) but 20m further there is slush... so I avoid it...
  • Finally I take a last path because it is very short... But I turn back very quickly to avoid the mud.

All these paths are very good in dry weather. It has just rained too much lately.

Finally I’m happy because I can see the big bales of straw that are everywhere in the fields... I thought he had a huge machine, not a simple machine pulled by a tractor.

I arrive at Hugues and Magaly’s, my hosts for the evening, around 6.30 pm. My longest stage so far.

  • Cérémonie militaire
  • Sortie de Clermont Ferrand
  • Sur la route
  • Une affiche à Pongibaud
  • Pongibaud
  • Les volcans
  • Les volcans
  • Paysage
  • Bottes de paille (2)
  • Bottes de paille
  • Prendre ou pas ce chemin
  • A la demande générale
  • Demi-tour !

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