Avignon - Montelimar


The night was a little cool. Well my sleeping bag is destined for the summer and it is also about fifteen years ... I will have to find there also the good compromise to face at the same time the spring freshness of the Alps and the summer heat of Romania.

Little worry at the moment of leaving : my rear tire was quite deflated : a boost with my little pump and I was able to make the whole trip without problems !

Once the coffee was taken I was able to leave to join Montelimar. From Avignon a trip of a little more than 100 km with the desired detours or unwanted ^^ And yet it was by far the coolest : no technical incident, no ribs and no wind like the mistral blowing the day before.

A dam on the Rhone at the start of the course

No greenway for the moment but mostly small roads that pass through the orchards and plantations of this rich agricultural region.
Here the harvest of apples started.

Passage through the center of this small village that would be very nice if the central square was not occupied by cars.

Very nice bridge

The countryside still ...

This trip is part of the Eurovélo17 but the course is not yet a greenway. It is nevertheless very frequented by many cyclists.

I do not know what these ruins are called on the cliffs above Mornas but it’s beautiful.

A detour by Pont Saint Esprit to eat. A beautiful architecture at the end of a bridge that spans a wider Rhone than currently.

ViaRhona, Eurovélo17

Another beautiful bridge with the magnificent cliffs of the Drôme, near Donzère.

Finally I arrive at the campsite around 16:30, mount the tent and do a little splash !

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