A drive in Montagne Noire

Drive this Sunday in the « Montagne Noire ». Not a big course but a little steep :
- Departure from Revel around 9:45
- passage to Sorrèze then Arfons
- Arrival in Saissac around 11:45.
- Return by Les Cammazes

The climb was a little rough on the way. The start was 227m and a little before Arfons it rises to 773m. About 550m climb ! But it’s okay.
The return is more cool we go up a bit of 485m (Saissac) to 666m and after Les Cammazes it goes down to the finish !

On the road we see the current wealth of Sorèze : its careers !

On the right track

Great view in Saissac

Lake St-Ferreol before the final descent

The bike started to change

ergonomic grip

Saddle Treking with Gel

And the phone support all rubber ! Rudimentary, but robust.

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