Retour de Dromen

Departure early Monday morning to release the cottage. I afollow the advice of the owner and change my route to go through Vaunavey la Rochette and the path of Crest to reach this city.
Nice way, weather is quite good at first.
The medieval gate of Vaunaveys la Rochette, just before taking the road to Crest.
Oh, I have to go through there ... but it’s a staircase.
I have to walk !
At the turning of a wall, the stairs become vertiginous !
Rain and mistral this morning. (...)

Montelimar - Gite des Ayasses

Departure a little late this morning. I knew the stage was short so I took the time. But when I was really leaving after a coffee at the campsite bar I wondered if I was just repairing or re-inflating my rear tire. I decide to reinflate. The bike is loaded, resting on its crutch. I spin the wheel and move the bike a little to have the valve properly positioned. I inflate the tire and at the moment I wonder whether to put a little more pressure, patatras the bike falls. I do not fast enough (...)

Avignon - Montelimar

The night was a little cool. Well my sleeping bag is destined for the summer and it is also about fifteen years ... I will have to find there also the good compromise to face at the same time the spring freshness of the Alps and the summer heat of Romania.
Little worry at the moment of leaving : my rear tire was quite deflated : a boost with my little pump and I was able to make the whole trip without problems ! Once the coffee was taken I was able to leave to join Montelimar. From (...)

Grau du Roi - Avignon

It was not until the middle of the night that the wind fell. Sand tends to invade everything. Second night on the inflatable mattress : as soon as I move it slips and an unpleasant sensation of falling. On the other hand super effective for the big roots which were under the tent ! The exit of Grau du Roi, by canal du Rhone à Sete Flamingos. Aigues Morte I did not quite follow the planned route. After Aigues-Morte you had to get on the Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer road and there were a lot (...)

Sete - Grau du Roi

Initially I did not want to stop at Grau du Roi. But the winds announced at 65 km / h dissuaded me from taking too long a step.
Well took me because my left pedal let me down and just before it completely loose, at the end of my journey I came across a repairer who could fix it within the hour ! Despite the wind very pleasant course. I take a bit of the Canal du Rhône in Sète and then I fork to try to be between the ponds and the sea.
In fact the part below was forbidden to any (...)

Mazamet - Sete

After a first night of camping (15 years) of a fairly average quality here I am ready to leave for a long stage, 144 km from Mazamet to Sète by the greenway and leaving to Lamalou baths.
This first night camping for so long worried me a little but overall it went pretty well. But of course the quality of the silence is not the same as in a house protected by thick walls : from the tent of the neighbor we perceive all the noises of which a slight snoring, around the campsite there are (...)

Toulouse Mazamet

On the way with a beautiful sun.
Departure from Toulouse at 8:30 am : many people on roads, sidewalks, bike paths ... The tool I use to plan the exit, https://graphhopper.com/maps/ makes me go through small streets to the ring road that must be crossed ! There I search in vain for a passage suitable for bicycles : - / But then to the end of Quint-Fonsegrives a very nice track.
Then the route sends me on small roads. Nice traffic but the disadvantage is that I will not meet a cafe or a (...)