Nantes to La Rochelle, then Toulouse by train

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Sullen weather at the start of Nantes this morning. I’m on my way to the station to try to catch the train to La Roche sur Yon. I say try, because sometimes it’s difficult with a bike because the controllers don’t accept extra bikes.
Today no problem, so I book the Intercity that I spotted the day before and in which there’s still room for bikes !

It’s raining a little towards Saint-Chasnais, I’m going to stop to put on the rain gear... but just there I see the huts of the local fishing association : I take shelter there while the rain is falling and I take advantage of the opportunity to have a bite to eat.

Then I join the Vélodyssée and pass by the same places as a month ago. Then I lose it by following other "bike" signs that take me to the commercial area where I lose a lot of time before coming back on my steps.
So I arrive at the campsite around 4:30 pm... The campsite is sold out... There is a queue at the reception so I wait. The very accommodating guy brings everyone with him to visit the campsite to see in which places we could settle down. Young people with whom I was in line offer me to put my tent on their site. I tell it to the manager before we leave for a tour... "Do you know them ?" No... But it works !

So that’s the end of my journey, tomorrow I take the train in the early morning and unless something unexpected happens I’ll be in Toulouse in the early afternoon.

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