Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

Valença - Viana do Castelo

22 May

After a few big drops yesterday around 7pm, the storm finally broke during the night. As the French people I met at the hotel breakfast said, it was better not to camp tonight!
I leave quite late (Portuguese time, one hour difference) and with a few rays of sun, then it gets cloudy, then it rains for an hour. Then a very pleasant road to Viana do Castelo.
It’s a different type of route from the previous climbs, with a nice cycle track along the Rio Minho and mostly flat for the rest of the (...)

Pontevedra - Valença

21 May

I wake up very late in this really quiet hotel. Not that there are no people in the café downstairs, but the doors are closed.
So I leave a bit late, a bit afraid of the thunderstorms expected in the late afternoon. The sky will remain overcast, I might even catch a drop or two on the way, but no, no storm.
There are three successive bumps at about two hundred metres. I had spotted that the third one had a very steep section but it comes faster than I expect and my meter soon reads 16%. I (...)



Towards the Black Sea

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