Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

Black Sea, return on the trip

After 6000 km by bike, 1400 km by train, 450 km by boat, a few hours by boat, 40km by truck, 12 km by taxi, 12 km by bus, 160 km by minibus... here I am back in Toulouse since 3 weeks, after almost 4 months of stroll
Weather I never imagined I’d see so much rain on my way. Would I have left if I knew the weather would be so bad? Not, for sure, but once I left, I kept going. In May, rain falls almost every day, and sometimes from morning to evening. In June, until I reached the Danube (...)

Para o Sul

After having been to Eastern Europe, for next year the project is to go south and west, a passage through the “end of the world”, Finisterre!
Then a loop that will pass under Lisbon to go around Portugal to the Algarve.
I would only go through places I have never been before, Galicia, the Algarve... A temporary journey that currently covers about 2500 km.



Towards the Black Sea

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