Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

Last ride and return

22 July

The Rhune is in the clouds for most of my stay. It will only clear up a little before my departure.
On Thursday, from Sare, I’ll go to Hendaye via Urrugne. The hills of the Basque Country are quite steep. There are a few short passages that my computer shows at 12%. I end up doubting these slopes but it seems to be correct. The software that calculates the slopes gives an average but the altimeter of the computer would be exact... So the ride is nice but less relaxed than I thought... (...)

Sauveterre de Bearn - Sare

20 July

Impossible to have coffee at the campsite: my matches got damp and so no hot water... I decide to go to Saint-Palais having eaten some biscuits and drunk some water... In Saint-Palais around 10:30am I buy some chocolatine and sandwiches for lunch. It’s getting hot but I finally get my coffee! The heat will start to worry me an hour later: I have to pass two uphill sections where the slopes are announced on my computer at 12 and 11%... I feel like I’m in a "cagna" without an inch of air and (...)



Towards the Black Sea

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