Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

To the west, back on the journey

A little more than 2000 km by bike over 6 weeks... About 650 km by train also to reduce the distances between Toulouse and La Réole, Saint-Nazaire and Nantes then La Rochelle and Toulouse. Three boats to reach the Ile aux Moines, Batz and Brehat. And also more than 800 photos to share the beauty of the places I crossed: the passage of the magic and mythical Gois, Nantes that I discovered, the Pink Granite coast?
This year the stages will have been shorter than last year, the weather was (...)

Nantes to La Rochelle, then Toulouse by train

10 August 2020

Sullen weather at the start of Nantes this morning. I’m on my way to the station to try to catch the train to La Roche sur Yon. I say try, because sometimes it’s difficult with a bike because the controllers don’t accept extra bikes. Today no problem, so I book the Intercity that I spotted the day before and in which there’s still room for bikes!
It’s raining a little towards Saint-Chasnais, I’m going to stop to put on the rain gear... but just there I see the huts of the local fishing (...)



Towards the Black Sea

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