Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Orthez - Toulouse

26 June

I was expecting a rainy road all the way and finally I stay dry until Saint Palais where I stop to eat a sandwich. I can even eat it on the Place du Foirail outside... but the temperature starts to cool down. I take a coffee and at the exit it will rain until Sauveterre de Bearn. Then it alternates between rain and dry weather. The route between Sauveterre de Bearn and Orthez is quite hilly. I chose a train in the afternoon which leaves me a lot of margin for manoeuvre. There was a train at (...)

Pamplona - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

25 June

Although the distance to ride today is short I start early to try to get through before the rain that is forecasted in the afternoon. It works well at the beginning with just a few drops on the descent of the first passes but when I reach the 1000m of the Ronceveaux pass (Ibañeta) it really rains and we are in the clouds.
On the descent it’s cold which justifies staying covered as much as possible, I stop to eat in one of the last villages in Spain. As the lady speaks very good French I ask (...)



Towards the Black Sea

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