Some Long Holidays With My Bicycle ^^

Corte - Bastia

11 June

My first activity in Corte (after the siesta ^^) was to look for brake pads. My front brakes are starting to make a nasty noise. There’s no bike shop as such, but there’s a mountaineering shop that hires out e-bikes, so I ask them. The mechanic took me into her workshop and said she’d seen a box with brake pads but didn’t think it contained what I needed, v-brakes. Miraculously, the box contained one pair of v-brakes! I quickly fitted them, as the old pair was completely worn out with the (...)

Vezzani - Corte

9 June

It’s a very short stage this morning, so I set off late, at 10am. I made a detour to the village centre, which I hadn’t seen the day before, because I had to go and look at the names on the war memorial!
This gives me a chance to see the beautiful church and the central village square, which is currently being renovated. I also had a chance to chat with some of the locals.
Then it’s off to the real start, after putting some air in the tyres. I hadn’t touched them since the start and the (...)



Towards the Black Sea

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