Second Day: Châlon - Saint-Jean de Losne

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A calmer stage today. But as a result I push a little further than the 42km I should have done if I respected the planned stage.
Like yesterday’s headwind most of the time. And cold.
I have officially arrived on Eurovélo 6 which I have to follow to the Black Sea!
In fact, there are quite a few passages that use departmental roads or roads shared with cars for a long time.
I would like to arrive early to find a bicycle repairer: since yesterday my transfo-accumulator linked to the dynamo hub no longer works and I think it is linked to the heavy rainfall I had on Sunday evening in Lyon.
Despite the wind I managed to arrive a little before 2pm.

I’m settling in at the campsite: great welcome. When I say I’m looking for a bicycle repairer, they go to all out to find someone who would be willing to help me out. The manager of the campsite finally called the owner of the "Solex à GG" shop who looked at my problem and found a disconnected wire. After a few tries it works again: we give a little slack to the thread and here we go again!
Saint-Jean de Losne is reportedly the largest river port in Europe. I’m a little surprised but to see the boats everywhere wet or in dry dock... maybe....
The sun finally returns in the late afternoon.
Tomorrow the weather should be very nice.


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