Rasova - Seimeni

18 June 2019, kilometres today: 25
Kilometres since the start: 6009

A very small trip today.... But it wasn’t until I went to Rasova that I realized that I probably had to do less and take the car ride. I don’t know why the "bike" option on graphhopper.com/maps causes this hook: 25 km by car, 65 by bike!

I easily pass under the highway, cross Cernavoda and arrive in the late morning at Seimeni’s hotel.
There a lady greets me and tells me that I arrive like this with my bike but that the hotel is full.... "I made a reservation madam," she calls, I only have one room left.
Except that I had rented a room with a "view of the lake" and I ended up with a room without a view, on the passage of people who arrive... and for the same price!

I had asked myself the question of spending two days here.... Well, fortunately not.

  • Danube
  • A barge on the Danube
  • Rasova
  • Danube, Rasova
  • Danube, Rasova
  • Yes!
  • Danube, leaving Rasova
  • Danube, leaving Rasova
  • Danube, leaving Rasova
  • We’re passing under the highway... was that the obstacle for bicycles?
  • Cernavoda bridge
  • Danube, Cernavoda
  • Danube, Cernavoda
  • Cernavoda, steep street, plus cobblestones....
  • Stork contemplating the Danube in flood

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