Ondarroa - Bilbao

4 May 2022, kilometres today: 67
Kilometres since the start: 3429

Once again I miss a junction but this time I have a more difficult route than expected: the slope is steadier, longer and steeper than on the initial route.

The 7.3% and 7.7% are displayed 8 to 10 on my counter...

I don’t take any pictures during the ride, so all the pictures below are taken in Bilbao, at the Gugenheim, in the old quarter.
The rest stage allowed me to do some maintenance: replace the pair of gloves that were getting seriously worn and buy some oil for the chain... I had to turn over all the panniers, but the brand new bottle I was convinced I had put in was not there!
Many things surprise me in Bilbao. First of all, it’s a very modern city in terms of architecture. But not necessarily always accessible: beautiful slopes on beautiful bridges end incomprehensibly in stairs. If you’re in a wheelchair, you’d better get your bearings!
Pedestrians and cyclists respect incredibly long traffic lights. Fortunately I saw a few pedestrians crossing diagonally outside the lights, which reassured me!
I knew that in Spain women are numerous in the bistros, but here after work I had the impression that it was a majority!
Finally, the last picture is my first stamp on my credential! Four days, one stamp... hum ^^


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