Coni - Larche, then Briançon by minibus

Kilometres today:


Kilometres since the start: 6063

Highest route since the beginning of my journey!
From Coni I follow a cycle route parallel to the national road. Very pleasant road in the middle of trees just a little more hilly than the main road.
In the village of Vinadio, I stop for coffee and from there I stay on the national road. It’s rising, but regularly. On the climb it is hot, but as you approach the pass there is a little wind and finally it is not the last few hundred meters the most difficult.

Very happy to arrive at the Col de Larche which marks the border with France and which is 1991 meters.

I had to meet Cyrille at Larche at 2:00 p. m. I was a little optimistic because I’d actually be there at 3:00.
We eat at the café de Larche and then we leave by minibus to Briançon.

Saturday rest before starting the last stages before the train to Toulouse!

  • The cycle route
  • The cycle route
  • The cycle route
  • The cycle route
  • Landscape
  • Landscape
  • Landscape
  • Larche Pass
  • France !
  • By popular demand
  • The descent

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