Vilalba - A Coruña

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The fog prevents us from enjoying the landscape at the start of Vilalba. It will eventually lift but nothing extraordinary in the landscape: a small pleasant road with very little traffic. On this small road I did not cross coffee and I did not drink coffee yet, this morning while leaving I swallowed some biscuits. I finally find this coffee shop that does the trick. Here there are no pinchos but a kind of madeleine is offered with the coffee!
It’s hard to keep an eye on the track and I make a few kilometres too much!
From the bridge over the rio de Betanzos the road becomes more difficult: there is a lot of traffic and when the track takes me on less frequented roads it goes up and down a lot while it is now very hot. And I am almost out of water. As I start to worry I see a café on the side of the road: I can refresh myself and eat a little with a pincho offered as it should be in Galicia.
I arrive at the hotel, which is very well placed near the centre, a bit tired, but tomorrow I can rest and visit!

  • The fog lifts
  • My first coffee in Moman
  • Wind turbines
  • Landscape
  • Eucalyptus forest
  • Eucalyptus
  • A respected sign
  • Betanzos rio
  • Betanzos rio
  • Un pincho de favedas y agua con gas
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña
  • A Coruña

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