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From Varna I drive on a big bridge with 4 lanes, not very cool for bicycles.

Then highway. There’s another cyclist on the highway! A guy I had passed on the famous bridge and then passed me again a little further on. I catch up with him again, he’s recognizable: he’s all in yellow helmet, jersey and shorts and flip flops!

This highway is apparently not closed to bicycles, but I try to get out as soon as I see a parallel path without a fence or ditch to cross. The flip-flop cyclist wishes me a good journey!
In fact a few kilometers further on I am brought back on the main Varna-Burgas road which is only two lanes long.
I leave it for a nicer road, often in the shade of the trees. Then find it, and the leave it again to reach the coast about ten kilometers further....

But there between Schkorpilovtsi and Byala I was sent on uncertain little paths through the forest. It will take me 1h30 to cover these 10km. At first I just think that I’m glad it didn’t rain but then it’s not the forest anymore and I skate on steep and sandy paths... In addition there are quite a few cars that go to this beach, one of which stops to let me pass... just when I wanted to stop and enjoy a little shade ^^ Then about fifteen 4x4s cross me with their dust and I guess they will play in the forest on the paths I just left.... I’m a little fed up and after a restorative break in Byala I check that the road to Obzor is better!

At least this "shortcut" allowed me to discover the little beach "the last wild beach of Karadere".

Arrived in Obzor, the GPS address of the guest house is completely false, the lady on the other does not speak a word of English and when I find the address I have to wait more than an hour for a room to be available... That’s 4:00 p. m. when it’s announced from 10:00 a. m.! And when I have the room the lady explains to me how to close the door with a padlock... But the key is not good!

Well, we’ll soon forget about the Guest House in Ozbor ^^

  • After the highway, a pleasant shaded road
  • Landscape
  • Market day in Nove Oryahovo
  • Market day in Nove Oryahovo
  • Market day in Nove Oryahovo
  • Market day in Nove Oryahovo
  • Buoys, beach games…
  • Buoys, beach games…
  • Rough forest road
  • the last wild beach of Karadere
  • the last wild beach of Karadere
  • the last wild beach of Karadere
  • The track, the sea
  • Invasive 4x4s and dust generators
  • Obzor

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