Rochefort - La Rochelle

5 July 2020, kilometres today: 39
Kilometres since the start: 2017

This morning I’m waiting for the sky to clear a little before I leave. I don’t have a lot of miles to cover so I might as well wait for the drizzle to subside... I’m leaving at 10:30, but the drizzle continues almost all the way through, without the rain gear being necessary...
I download the proposed route on Vélodyssée Rochefort La Rochelle and I will follow it, finally my hotel is almost on the track. From time to time the signposting does not correspond to the track... maybe because I go backwards on the track? I’m sticking to the trail and I’m fine.
Arrival around 1:15 pm in La Rochelle and I start looking for a place to stay since no WarmShower has answered ...

  • Again, a fisherman’s hut in the marshlands
  • Again, a fisherman’s hut in the marshland
  • Marshland farming
  • Cows watching the bikes go by
  • In the drizzle, arrival at the sea
  • La Rochelle
  • La Rochelle
  • La Rochelle
  • La Rochelle

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