Redon to Nantes

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Hot day! The temperature rose to 36 and this afternoon in the treeless passages it was hardly bearable.
It’s a long road too since I’ll try to take an early train tomorrow morning to La Roche sur Yon before going to La Rochelle by bike (then the next day I hope there’ll be room for bikes in the TER)
Marc and Béné are going to stop near Blain as I have to trace to be in Nantes tonight we say goodbye to Guenrouet after a last coffee.
After Blain there are two or three nice guinguettes on the locks, I stop for a coffee at the "Cueilleuse" one.
The last part of the trip is quite painful because it’s too hot. The water hardly quenches my thirst... Arrived in Nantes I drink a good beer offered by the hotelier!
A little later I have the surprise to see the monument of the place Graslin transformed into a gigantic fountain. It’s spectacular and it refreshes the atmosphere!

  • After Redon
  • Before leaving my friends
  • Lock passage
  • Lock
  • Blain
  • Blain
  • Canal
  • A big barge
  • Locks are operated by hand.
  • The lock
  • The big barge
  • Sucé sur Erdre
  • Signage when arriving in Nantes
  • Nantes
  • Nantes, place Graslin

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