Peyrelevade - Egletons

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Another day that starts under the rain !
I have a short stage today and so I hang out for a while chatting with my hosts. I learn that the exhibition in the village is proposed each year to different villages and that the paintings rotate between these villages.
Also that it’s quite difficult for the gîtes between the COVID and... the bad weather. In summer they have too much activity for their size. And in winter not enough to live...
So I start at 10am. Some nice spots but under the rain it spoils a bit... I had planned to stop at Gourdon-Murat to eat and I’m happy to arrive there around noon. But in fact there is not much in this village. I see a café open and I eat there. I’m lucky this café opened only 6 weeks ago.
The meal is quite animated with a neighbouring table.
Meanwhile the rain has stopped and I have an easy climb to the Col de Lestard.
The next climb to Egletons is a bit more difficult.
I arrive quite early at Sandra and Olivier’s place.

  • Paysage
  • Corrèze
  • Une rivière
  • Café
  • Paysage
  • Vue du col
  • Col de Lestard
  • Col de Lestard
  • St-Yrieix-le-Dejalat

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