Negotin - Vidin, Bulgaria

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


A day more like I imagined them than the previous ones : warm and pleasant from beginning to end ! Even very hot... arrived in Vidin it was 30° while two days ago I had my jacket in the rain...

This morning I finally closed the soap opera of the deflated wheel : I dismantled the wheel, spotted the position of the tire in relation to the valve, found the hole and searched where the tip was. Even knowing where it was, it took me a long time to find it. Inside nothing visible or any asperity when the finger passes through.... Finally I finally saw a little weirdness on the outside... I scratched with a knife and finally extracted the object like a splinter. It looks like a splinter - made of steel - by the way. It measures 5 to 6 mm and it should only enter the chamber under pressure when rolling over it. Thank you the rotten bridge of the Stara Palanka - Ram ferry !

We go up a little to the Bulgarian side, then I cross the border. I thought the policeman fell asleep on my ID card !

On this side no sign indicating one or the other of the Eurobikes....

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  • Danube, Vidin
  • Danube, Vidin

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