Montelimar - Gite des Ayasses

Departure a little late this morning. I knew the stage was short so I took the time. But when I was really leaving after a coffee at the campsite bar I wondered if I was just repairing or re-inflating my rear tire. I decide to reinflate. The bike is loaded, resting on its crutch. I spin the wheel and move the bike a little to have the valve properly positioned. I inflate the tire and at the moment I wonder whether to put a little more pressure, patatras the bike falls. I do not fast enough reflex to let go of the pump, the valve is twisted !!
Well, finally we repair!

Since I retrieved the GPS coordinates of the house where the meeting takes place my itinerary has changed a bit and it rises regularly going a little less high. 270m instead of 400m on the original route. I had, however, underestimated a rating on entering Livron sur Rhône, which forced me to dismount!

Not very glamorous departure. Approaching the campsite last night I saw these tours but thankfully we did not see them camping.

Then the road that I take to join the greenway runs along the highway for a moment and the greenway itself follows a long time the railway ... It was better before yesterday.

At last the countryside becomes more pleasant

Mountain view from my path

Very beautiful region!

I want to take this road !!
But I cannot, there are really big bulldozers, trucks and all sorts of gear.

After a long detour I fall back on the road still under construction. After discussion with the workers they tell me that I can go there. I do not have an ATV but dirt and stone are crushed so it should pass.

It goes!

Once again a more pleasant environment :)

Very nice little village of Upie. But not a single bar! There is an associative café but it is not open on thursday ^^

Well arrived at the cottage!
End of the journey.


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