Krushovene - Svishtov

Kilometres today:


Kilometres since the start: 6009

The day before there were thunderstorms and the sky is still heavy. I don’t leave very early... a little before 9:00.

The rain threatens Gigen so I decide not to take the Eurovélo but rather the main road to Nikolov. I have to save a few kilometers:)
A little further on, well after Nikolov) I don’t see a junction and I realize it when I look at my route a few hundred meters further on. So there again I continue on the main road but in reality I gain nothing. I probably lost a better view along the Danube, it was a miscalculation.

After two hours of driving, the rain starts to fall. I take the covers out for the bags and hesitate a little to cover myself. Finally it will be very useful a few moments later.
All along the Danube there are many industries but there it is particularly true, cranes, tanks we see it everywhere.

On the mileage side, the signage is a bit fanciful:

  • at the bottom of the coast in Nikolov the sign announces Svischtov 47
  • at the top of the hill.... it also announces 47!!!
  • and a few kilometers further on 54!!!!!
    A little before the arrival of the same kind of pranks: we go from 14 to 18 ^^^

I arrive a little before 5pm (Bulgarian time) in Svishtov and shortly after my arrival a shower falls. At least I would have escaped this one! It seems that rains are becoming rarer in the coming days.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Donkey waiting for his cart
  • Not far from Krushovene
  • Village
  • Village
  • Village
  • Look... did I get lost?
  • Now and then a sign Eurovelo
  • This donkey has his cart.
  • Danube
  • Danube
  • Danube
  • Trellises and flowers all along the street
  • Trellises and flowers all along the street
  • Trellises and flowers all along the street
  • Vishtov
  • Danube viewed from Vishtov
  • Vishtov

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