Harsova - Varsatura (Braila)

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This morning before leaving I am changing my itinerary: yesterday’s heavy and abundant rains may have made the roads impassable. After crossing the bridge over the Danube the first few kilometres to a small village seemed to be on a good road, but then the path is dotted on the map! Probably the road is not cut by floods (since it should follow the levee) but it is likely to be at least muddy and exhausting....
Then I cross the bridge, the toll does not concern bicycles and I arrive at the place where I should have turned. The path on the levee looks fine but where there should be a small river there is a huge pond! In the picture the river must be where the power poles are, in the middle of the lake!
So the "safe" road is the one of the trucks that I have to support until the junction to Bucharest, but then some remain... The Galati road is also an important route to Ukraine....
The storm is threatening again. It seems far away but a shower finally falls. A good hour of rain....
I stop to snack in a Mixti Store, buy a beer and take out my food on the table outside. Young Romanians with whom I share a table are trying to talk to me.... But we understand each other one word out of twenty!

Then the road seems long, but at least the weather is fine!

  • An Harsova Street, Close to the Church
  • The church is closed, photo taken from the gate
  • Danube, Harsova
  • Something Happened Here in Septembre 1912
  • The river would be along the telephone poles
  • Does this low grounded plane do mosquito control?
  • Does this low grounded plane do mosquito control?
  • Soaked Coutryside
  • Does this low grounded plane do mosquito control?
  • Landing
  • Landing
  • Filling in
  • A typical street
  • A typical street
  • Should I take this bridge
  • Stork Family
  • Stork Family
  • Stork Family
  • House
  • Sunflowers

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