Fourth Day: Besançon-Montbéliard

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Departure from Besançon around 9am. I’m not hanging around because rain is forecast with even "stormy rains" in the afternoon.
In Besançon a big effort is made for bicycles. The cycle path passes through the Parc Micaud and unlike Toulouse there is no municipal garden guard to tell you to get off!
Then a grey but pleasant weather to drive before the rain comes a little after Baume-les-Dames. Shortly after putting on rain pants and covers on the bags I was doubled by a Breton and a Nantais. We discuss in passing: they are heading for Greece via Croatia. Maybe I’ll cross them again!
We got lost and found ourselves several times on the way: practically no need for the GPS to follow the route everything is very well indicated, but from time to time a sign is a little crooked or it was not easy to indicate well... and hop we do a few hundred meters of extra!
Finally I didn’t see the stormy rains or they happened after my arrival in Montbéliard around four o’clock...

  • Leaving Besançon
  • Forfeiture of an industrial building
  • A fisherman
  • Signals
  • A beautiful bicycle path
  • Another view
  • The towpath
  • The lock allows boats to pass through certain places...
  • The channel

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