Fifth Day : Montbéliard-Bâle

Kilomètres aujourd’hui :


Already on the fifth day ! Arrival in Basel in the middle of the afternoon and tomorrow a day without a bike, to rest, visit and make the point.
Because of the bad weather I didn’t camp on the last two stages in France but overall I am progressing well.

The stage was a little long today but the curve was rather steep so that despite the rain I was progressing well.

I had another great welcome in Montbéliard. My hosts - a large family - make sure that I don’t miss anything.
Bruno told me when I left that I shouldn’t have rain because his MyRadar app didn’t see any clouds afterwards... um, two kilometers after leaving Montbéliard it started to drizzle, then it turned into a real rain.
But at least I was on a very nice bike path with only a detour to Mulhouse because of work on the canal.
And in Mulhouse the rain stopped.
After Mulhouse the Rhone to Rhine canal becomes huge and very large boats can pass through it. But I didn’t see any !

Well on the "green" road that runs alongside the chemical plants in Basel all of a sudden I come across a closed gate : there is work to clean up the area and as a result the cycle path is only open at weekends. Turn around and I zigzag through the industrial zone to get closer to the center.
When we arrived in Basel we felt that the sun wanted to break through behind the clouds and in Basel the sun was shining. It won’t last long but let’s enjoy this pleasant evening !

  • Kembs, le canal de Hunnigue
  • Des repères
  • port sur le canal
  • C’est le tocsin de l’écologie !
  • arrivée à Mulhouse
  • Le canal du Rhone au rhin, la taille d’un fleuve
  • Une famille cygne
  • Canal de Hunningue
  • Port avant une vaste écluse sur le canal
  • Bâle

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