Erbach - Donauwörth between rain and sun

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The day was promised to rain. During the night the forecast had gone from 60 to 70%.... So no surprise when it started raining around 9am. Then that more or less calmed down, then gradually it was pulling on the nice weather
The ride became quite pleasant and if I missed Ulm because it was raining so much then I was able to stroll along the rest of the way.

More meetings. French people trying to tell me in German that you had to turn there and not go straight ahead. Indeed my application with the Danube route had to follow an old path while in the meantime another slightly shorter path had been traced (I suppose). These French people had an original way of travelling: they travelled by camper van but they made the stops of the Eurovélo 6 round trip. I don’t know how far they were going to go like that...

Germans with electric assistance: we followed each other for a short while and exchanged a few words. They will stop in Budapest.

At the end of the day I saw the big black cloud that was giving showers a little further away. I was happy because I was passing by. But he had brothers and sisters who produced some showers with a little hail when they arrived on Donauwörth.

  • Dillingen an der Danau
  • Dillingen an der Danau
  • Un gros nuage qui lâche quelques averses
  • Donauwörth
  • Donauwörth
  • Après Ulm le Danube s’élargit
  • Après Ulm
  • Dillingen an der Danau
  • Dillingen an der Danau
  • Dillingen an der Danau
  • Le Danube devient majestueux à l’approche de Donauwörth
  • La campagne est belle sans la pluie !

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