Dragoman - Yarlovtsi

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Greyish day where I spent a moment driving in the rain.

I’m very happy to have only a short stage because driving in the rain is not pleasant and then it goes up a little bit anyway, I have to get used to it again!

My route is in Bulgaria but runs along the Serbian border. At a crossroads I see police officers. I stop to check the path and I have to turn left. The two Serbian border police officers take this opportunity to control me ^^

I have lunch in Tran and then I arrive in Yarlovtsi.... Of course the hotel’s GPS coordinates are not good.... But it’s not a big deal: I’m going to the centre and the hotel is there.

Yarlovtsi has a cute lake, but it is a mixture of very beautiful houses and ruined houses. As if a mutation was in progress. It seems that there is no one left to maintain the monument overlooking the central square.

No wifi in the hotel, which is becoming rare nowadays! And in addition it is in a hole where 4G does not pass and very little network.... So this article is published from Vranje :)

  • Departure from Dragoman, threatening sky
  • The road leaving Dragoman
  • Landscape
  • The road almost at the top
  • What to choose?
  • A farm in Yarlovtsi
  • The lake
  • The lake
  • An derelict monument
  • An derelict monument

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