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Stroll this morning to Camaret, then the pointe de Pen’hir and that of Dinan. Return via Crozon where I went shopping. I had planned to go to the pointe des Espagnols but while discussing with the lady of the campsite this morning she tells me that it’s better to go to Camaret then to the pointe de Dinan which is prettier.

Camaret is a pretty little port with a "Vauban" tower to defend the port. Just next to it a rather pretty church.
A little further I am surprised by an alignment of erected stones: the megalithic alignments of Lagatjar.
Before arriving at the tip of Pen’hir a memorial to the missing ships: the anchors are those of ships sunk off the peninsula.
Finally the Pen’hir point itself magnificent with its sandstone blocks that line up in the sea.
The point of Dinan is more sober but also very pretty, in replanting with broom and heather mixed on the moor.

  • Leaving Le Fret
  • Leaving Le Fret
  • Camaret
  • The church on the port
  • Used boats
  • Inside the church
  • The Vauban tower
  • The lighthouse
  • The church on the other side
  • The church on the other side
  • Camaret’s port
  • A street
  • A coffee?
  • By popular demand
  • Lagatjar Alignments
  • Anchors in memorial
  • Point of Pen’hir
  • View from Pointe de Pen’hir
  • Heather at the pointe de Dinan
  • Heather at the pointe de Dinan
  • View from the pointe de Dinan
  • Pen’hir viewed from la pointe de Dinan
  • Pointe de Dinan
  • View from the pointe of Dinan
  • View from the pointe de Dinan
  • Wavelets

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