A short stage: Baja - Mohacs

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A short stage today. And it’s not bad because violent storms were announced. Finally to Mohacs they will only arrive in the afternoon but I am already safe.

From Baja I finally find a bike shop where the mechanic understands what I want: just a little oil on my chain! The thick, blue oil that had been put in Germany still holds, but it squeaks a little. I’m leaving without squealing!

A little further on I have to join the Eurovélo... but the bridge I have to take is under construction. That was the short route from my hotel. Trying to recover the Eurovélo6 passing through the centre of Baja doesn’t seem safe to me... so I continue by roads, but these roads are not very busy, so it’s fine. However, a German with whom I spoke on the ferry took it well on this track, he didn’t even see the work... so there had to be a passage...

The Mohacs ferry is very busy, fast and frequent. Local people regularly take it for their activities.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Croatia.

  • A very nice street, but the cobblestones are difficult for the bike
  • Ah... I had to take that bridge
  • No other passage
  • But the road is not bad
  • Rich Hungarian countryside
  • Just before arriving I cross the bike path
  • The ferry is coming in
  • Just enough time to take the ticket
  • Mohacs
  • Danube at Mohacs

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